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Cover Crops and WildFlowers


A mix containing ten native perennials and reseeding annual species plus Little Blue Stem grass. Extensive bloom time from spring through fall. Specifically developed for the Carolinas, this mix meets the conservation pollinator program for cost sharing. Plant your own wildflower patch in your yard or a wildflower meadow on your acreage. Available in 1 lb quantity. Please call us for bulk prices on larger volumes. Rate 15 lbs/A.
Bring in the monarchs with this mix containing butterfly milkweed plus ten other native perennials and reseeding annuals. Extensive bloom time. A wildflower patch is a perfect complement to your vegetable garden. It is a focal point of color and beauty and an attractor for beneficial pollinators. Available in 1 lb quantity or larger volumes. Rate 15 lbs/A.
ZINNIA "State Fair Mix"  
Bouquets of brightly colored zinnias just make people smile, pure and simple. Easy to grow, a zinnia patch keeps on giving as you cut bouquet after bouquet from it. Spread the ZINNIA JOY! 1 oz packs for $7.50 (that’s a lot of seed!). Please contact us via email, text or phone call to order. 803-707-1112 or
A versatile wildflower that can be planted in the spring for early summer blooming or in the late summer for fall blooming. Mixture of papery thin pink, purple, and white blooms on feathery green foliage. Grows to a height of 4-5 feet in moist, full-sun areas. Use this wildflower for a color splash around your property or outbuildings. Available in 1 lb quantity. Planting rate: 15 lbs/A.
BUCKWHEAT (Fagopyrum esculentum)  
Rapid growing broadleaf summer annual. Can reach flower in 4-6 weeks. Weed suppressor, easy to incorporate. Excellent cover crop to attract beneficial insects. Ideal to include in any garden or farm along a border or in strips between vegetable plantings. 10 lbs for $18, 50 lbs for $75. Please contact us via email, text or phone call to order. 803-707-1112 or
LADINO CLOVER (Trifolium repens)  
A perennial white clover that is more vigorous and faster growing than other white clovers. Plant in the spring or fall, LADINO can tolerate summer heat and dry conditions. Excellent to plant between rows in your garden and roll down just prior to flowering to have a living mulch mat for weed suppression. Easy to incorporate when the time comes. 5 lbs for $25. 25 lbs for $100. Please contact us via email, text or phone call to order. 803-707-1112 or
SUNN HEMP (Crotalaria juncea)  
Tall herbaceous warm season annual legume with erect fibrous stems. Produces high biomass and biomass nitrogen in 40-60 days. Superb for soil improvement and green manure. FL citrus growers found significant increased fruit yields when sunn hemp was planted in wide strips between tree rows. 1 lb for $15. 2 lbs for $25. Please contact us via email, text or phone call to order. 803-707-1112 or
SESAME (Sesacum indicum)  
Also known as Benne, this is one of the oldest oil seed crops known. It has been domesticated well over 3000 yrs ago. A summer broadleaf annual that reaches a height of 3-6�. Pollinator crop for many beneficial insects. Multi-use crop. Dried seed stems can be sold as a dried cut flower; seed can be harvested and pressed for oil or seed used in cooking. Seeding rate 10 lbs/A broadcast. .5 lb for $10. 1 lb for $18. Please contact us via email, text or phone call to order. 803-707-1112 or
A mix of cover crop species for spring through summer growth. Mix includes iron and clay peas, soybeans, buckwheat and sunn hemp. The fibrous upright structure of sunn hemp is a perfect structure for peas to vine around. This mix has a dual use as an excellent DEER FOOD PLOT MIX for you hunters out there. Rate 100 lbs/A. 5 lbs for $12.50 or 50 lbs for $65. Please contact us via email, text or phone call to order. 803-707-1112 or
Other cover crop seed and pollinator seed that are available in 50 lb bag quantities include BROWN TOP MILLET, IRON AND CLAY COWPEAS, WGF SORGHUM and BLACK PEREDOVIK SUNFLOWERS. Please contact us via email, text or phone call regarding pricing. 803-707-1112 or

Planting guidelines:
Our wildflowers are best planted in the fall in the deep south to allow the perennials to become established. In other areas of the country plant wildflowers in the spring. Prepare soil or ground by first mowing area low, then apply a burndown herbicide, followed by a light disking. Distribute seed mixed with a carrier onto the soil surface and cultipack or use a no-till drill and plant at a depth of 1/4 " if possible.  Water area until seed germinate for best results. Nitrogen is not recommended at planting due to promotion of weeds; phosphate and potassium are beneficial and can be added at planting. Soil test pH should be adjusted to 5.8-6.2.

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